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Research into new ways of treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is going on all the time. As no current treatments for leukemia cure all the patients treated, doctors dealing with the disease are continually looking for new ways to treat it.


Project 3 - Immunology

Thomas J. Kipps, M.D., Ph.D.
Moores UCSD Cancer Center

Januario Castro, M.D.
Moores UCSD Cancer Center

Danelle James, M.D.
Moores UCSD Cancer Center

Project 3 examines novel techniques for active immunotherapy of this disease, including those involving gene transfer.

  • Evaluate the mechanism(s) responsible for the acute cytoreduction observed in patients treated with autologous Ad-CD154-transduced CLL cells
  • Examine the capacity to generate cellular immune responses against a newly-identified, prototypic CLL-associated antigen, Ror1
  • Evaluate anti-leukemia antibodies induced by Ad-CD154 gene therapy
  • Evaluate whether the TCL1 mouse model of CLL is a suitable model with which to examine different strategies for AdCD154-gene therapy

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