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Research into new ways of treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is going on all the time. As no current treatments for leukemia cure all the patients treated, doctors dealing with the disease are continually looking for new ways to treat it.


Project 1 - Molecular Genetics of CLL

Carlo M. Croce, M.D.
Ohio State University Cancer Center

CLICK HERE for a video update on this vital project. (this is a large video)

During the past four years of support our effort has focused on the genetics of CLL and we have made substantial progress and achieved important goals. Among these, the development of a mouse model of CLL that substantiates the important role of TCL1 in the pathogenesis of CLL, the discovery of the involvement of microRNA genes in the deletions of chromosome 13q14 in CLL, the definition of the 6q alterations in CLL with poor prognosis, and the discovery of the ARLTS1 gene at 13q14. We have also developed a microRNA gene expression chip and exploited it to investigate the role of microRNA genes in the pathogenesis of CLL and to relate patterns of expression of miR genes to the diagnosis and prognosis of CLL. Very interestingly, miR expression patterns in CLL revealed signatures associated with presence or absence of mutations in the expressed variable region genes and with deletions at 13q14. These important results were, for the most part, obtained through the collaborative efforts among members of the CLL Research Consortium (CRC).

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