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Research into new ways of treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is going on all the time. As no current treatments for leukemia cure all the patients treated, doctors dealing with the disease are continually looking for new ways to treat it.

Project 5 - Novel Pharmacologic Agents in CLL

William Plunkett, Ph.D.
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Varsha Gandhi, Ph.D.
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Peng Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

The goals of the Pharmacology component of the CLL program project are to develop in the laboratory, using model systems and primary CLL cells in-vitro, an understanding of the mechanisms of action of anticancer agents acting alone and in mechanism-based combinations. This knowledge base will provide rationale for the design of clinical trials that will test hypotheses regarding the actions and interactions of these agents in CLL cells in clinical context. Ultimately, we seek to develop and validate short-term pharmacodynamic end-points as surrogate for clinical response that will serve as guideposts for the further development of these agents in clinical trials. Thus the central hypothesis we will test is that knowledge derived from an understanding of the metabolism, mechanism of action, and the interactions of new anticancer therapeutics can be used to design and evaluate new therapeutic regimens for the treatment of patients with CLL.

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